Why can’t sustainability be beautiful? These are one of a kind postcards made from reused cardboard, decorated with markers or other paper. Buy a set of 4 for $20. (I will send you a variety pack of 4 cards. If you would like a specific design or quote, please use the contact page to request … Continue reading Postcards

Baby Booties

These baby booties are as soft and adorable as they are functional. They are crocheted using my own pattern and have elastic built into the ankle so those little legs can’t kick these booties off! They come in 6 different colors: Blue Pink White Pink Multi Green Multi Blue Multi  

Build Your Own Beanie

Can’t ever find just the right hat? Well I’ve got you covered, literally. Just click here to fill out the form to design your own hat. Made to order to your exact specifications! Click here to make a hat!


Each piece is hand drawn with a ceramic pen. The finished product is food-safe and even safe to wash in the dishwasher! Most pieces are reclaimed old glassware that has been given a second life.